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Yanagi Yukito is an orphan who one day encounters an eccentric disciple of his father’s. The strange man takes him to his birthplace on Ayakajima, made up of seven islands where mysterious beings called “Mitama” and dragons are rumored to reside. There, Yukito meets his father’s two other disciples, who protect the harmony of Ayakajima… which soon threatens to collapse.

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Note: The first three episodes received an early screening at a special event on June 3, 2023 at United Cinemas Toyosu in Tokyo. The regular TV broadcast started on July 2, 2023.

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* Based on a fantasy romantic light novel series written by Shuu and illustrated by Shizuma Yoshinori.

As peace returns to the demon realm, Anos Voldigoad wishes nothing more than to put his reputation as the Demon King of Tyranny to rest and go back to being a misfit at the prestigious Demon King Academy. Unfortunately, any tranquillity is fleeting: sinister demons, kings, and deities plot his demise from the shadows.

Rumours spread about the “Child of God”, a being whose power may rival that of Anos. To uncover the truth and eliminate the potential threat, Anos must journey deep into the land of spirits. However, the spirit world is shrouded in mystery, and it may only be entered after undergoing a series of difficult trials.

With unrivalled power and confidence, Anos braces himself to defeat various formidable enemies with grandiose titles. But he, with the assistance of his trusted allies, will barely have to break a sweat; after all, he is none other than the true Demon King of Tyranny.

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Note: The broadcast was halted on episode 6 in February 2023 and restarted from episode 1 in July 2023.

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The story delves into the life of Kim Seon-woo, who got pulled into a famous novel and decided to live a quiet life as a side character.

One day, the protagonist of said novel died…

“…Do you expect me to believe this?”

He ends up regressing back in time – back to his first day within the novel.

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Description of the anime

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The EX rank cleared the final chapter of the national failed game and became an unnamed supporting character inside the game. Substandard and unmeasurable, the EX rank plays a supporting role with an unknown rank.