Regressed extras become geniuses

회귀한 엑스트라가 천재가 됨

  • Year Released: 2023
  • Status in COO: Ongoing
  • Activy Stats:
  • Watching List:
  • Language: Chinese
  • Original Publisher:
  • English Publisher:
  • Release Frequency: Every 0.04 Day(s)
  • Licensed: N/A
  • Completely Translated: No

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The story delves into the life of Kim Seon-woo, who got pulled into a famous novel and decided to live a quiet life as a side character.

One day, the protagonist of said novel died…

“…Do you expect me to believe this?”

He ends up regressing back in time – back to his first day within the novel.

Date Group Release
07/21/2023 NovelMultiverse c61
02/07/2022 NovelMultiverse c62
10/06/2023 NovelMultiverse c63
10/06/2023 NovelMultiverse c64
02/07/2022 NovelMultiverse c65
01/04/2023 NovelMultiverse c66
02/23/2021 NovelMultiverse c67
10/06/2023 NovelMultiverse c68
02/07/2022 NovelMultiverse c69
02/07/2022 NovelMultiverse c70
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