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Sep 22, 2023
Frequently Asked Questions

These are frequently asked questions asked around OK/OKF. If you have any questions, please ask here and we will do our best to answer them and add them to our FAQ.

Novel Updates Forum
All forum related FAQs will be posted here. You should also visit the forum rules and get familiar with them. OKF is short for "Otaku Updates Forum". Click on the link above to get all frequently asked questions related to OKF.

Novel Updates
All site related FAQs will be posted here. OK is short for "Otaku Updates". Click on the link above to get all frequently asked questions related to OK.
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Otaku Updates Forum

1.1 How do I get a custom title?
1.2 How do I change my avatar?
1.3 How do I use the "follow" feature?
1.4 What does the "follow" function do and how do I use it?
1.5 What features get unlocked once I get 100 posts?
1.6 I'm a translator. How do I get a medal like what I've seen around the forums?
1.7 Is there a dark mode on OKF?
1.8 How do I change my timezone?
1.9 Can I switch my time to use the 24-hour format?
1.10 How do I change the options for threads per page, posts per page, or conversations per page?
1.11 There's a like limit? What's the limit?
1.12 How many users can I invite into a conversation?
1.13 Why am I not getting alerts for my watched threads anymore?
1.14 Why can't I start a new conversation (PM)?

Threads / Profiles
2.1 Why can't I make a thread?
2.2 Why are my posts "pending"?
2.3 I keep getting an error each time I try to post a link or image!
2.4 Why can't I upload images directly to OKF? Why is there no "Upload File" button?
2.5 Why are my posts not counting towards my post count?
2.6 Can I delete my thread?
2.7 The reply button is missing in a thread!
2.8 How do I link the latest episode/chapter discussion (LED/LCD) I made from OKF on OK?
2.9 How do I report a thread, thread post, or profile post for breaking a rule?
2.10 How do I use the spoiler function?
2.11 How do I use the multi-quote (+quote) function?
2.12 Why is my thread not showing up on OK's main page?
2.13 How often can I bump a request thread?
2.14 What are forum tags and should I use them?
2.15 Can any translators please pick up this novel?
2.16 I want to join as a translator, editor, or proofreader!
2.17 I would like to request a feature or report a bug.
2.18 I can't remember the name of this novel or I'm looking for recommendations!
2.19 My new posts are being combined with my old ones, what's going on!?

Money (Nuffies)
3.1 What is money (nuffies)?
3.2 How do I earn nuffies?
3.3 Can you list all the bot games on OKF that will let me earn nuffies?
3.4 Where can I spend my nuffies?
3.5 How do I send nuffies to someone?

4.1 What does the blog feature do and how do I use it?
4.2 Is there a list of Smilies, BB Codes, Trophies, and Medals?
4.3 I have a problem with a moderator. What should I do?
4.4 Someone is abusing the likes system!
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Otaku Updates


5.1 How do I change my avatar?
5.2 Does OK have a dark mode?
5.3 My avatar on OK isn't being updated. How do I fix this?
5.4 What does the rank listed on my profile mean and how do I rank up?
5.5 Why did my review get rejected?
5.6 I can see my reviews but others can't.
5.7 How do I find all the reviews I've written?

User Features
6.1 How do I use the reading list feature?
6.2 How do I make my reading list public?
6.3 Why are some novels not listed when I try to recommend a novel?
6.4 How do I hide a series from OK?
6.5 How do I hide a group from OK?
6.6 Is there a way to hide releases by languages?
6.7 I can't edit tags, genres, descriptions, or anything related to a novel.

Translator Related Questions
7.1 How does OK work? How do I add a novel or my group to the site?
7.2 What's the process of getting my group and novel auto approved?
7.3 I changed the links on my site and it's no longer working on OK. How do I report the changes?
7.4 I'm having problems related to my group or novel!
7.5 I released a version two of my release. Why isn't it showing?
7.6 I'm working on a novel with another group, is it possible to show both group names for the credits?
7.7 My group has moved domains. How do I make the changes for my group?
7.8 I submitted a chapter, why isn't it showing?
7.9 I heard there was a hidden forum for translators. How do I join it?
7.10 How do I add my group news to OK?

8.1 Can I see OK's policy?
8.2 How do I report a bad advertisement?
8.3 How do I report a problem with a chapter?
8.4 Where is the search bar? Why did it get removed?
8.5 I have a question about whether I should add or remove a tag on OK.
8.6 Someone is messing with the tags, genres, etc... how do I report this person?
8.7 The chapters are out of order. What should I do?
8.8 Will Novel Updates ever accept English originals?
8.9 Does Novel Updates have an API?
8.10 Is there a way to get the RSS feed for my reading list?
8.11 Do you have a change log for all changes made on the site?