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Sep 22, 2023
Community Fiction Rules
  • Your episodes or chapters must be posted on the forum. Do not link to the episode or chapter via an external website.
  • The work you post must belong to you.
  • Your original compositions must be in one thread.
Make sure your thread follows the format below:

Hello, I'm writing a story called "Title Here", you can also read this story at

Synopsis (optional but you should have one): If I want something, the Heavens better have it. If I don’t want something, the Heavens better not have it! This is a story that originates between the eighth and ninth mountains, a world in which “My fate is to seal the Heavens like a demon!”

Genre (optional): Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy

Table of Contents (required)

Please just make a table of contents. That's all that I ask for as it'll make it MUCH easier for new watchers or readers to find episodes or chapters. It's a real pain having to scroll through pages of comments to find the correct episode or chapter.

How do you find the link to the episode or chapter? It's at the top right of each post (after you've published the episode or chapter).

Just go back to the first post to edit the table of contents after you post a new chapter.
Episode 1 or Chapter 1: Some Title

Blah blah blah blah
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